PARASITES (intestinal)

Best to take the products for 3 months


Dosing - products can be taken together 2 times per day 30+ minutes before meals                         mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml of water

For 5 days,

MORA                         40 drops         

TANGARANA             40 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA  20 drops         

SERRAPEPTASE        2 capsules  


BURBUR – PINELLA  only for 2 days


For 5 days,

CUMANDA                  40 drops         

ENULA                         40 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA   20 drops         

SERRAPEPTASE         2 capsules 


BURBUR - PINELLA only for 5 days, then repeat cycle for 3 months


  • Food-Grade     Diatomaceous Earth 1 teaspoon in water at the beginning of breakfast &     at the beginning of the evening meal will help eliminate worms in the     intestine.  The best schedule for DE is 5 days ON and 48 hours OFF     (simultaneous with the breaks in treatment protocol above) for the first 6     weeks of the protocol.  Then the DE would     be taken from 2 days BEFORE each full moon day until 2 days AFTER each     full moon day (5 consecutive days) for 4-6 additional months.
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