MOLD, FUNGUS, MYCOTOXINS (extensive plan – incl. sinus irrigation and diet)

In Dr. Cowden’s experience, no antimicrobial will work to get fungus out of the body unless all of the following are done in the following order:

1) Resolve all water leaks/water-damage and identify & remove (remediate with NEW building materials) the source of mold/fungi in the home, work place and other places the patient frequents.

2) For at least 2 months, while taking antifungal remedies twice daily & doing daily sinus irrigation, avoid foods that feed fungi in the body per ketogenic diet instructions below.

3) Irrigate sinuses daily for at least 2 months as per instructions below.

4) Nutramedix remedies are taken in 7 day cycles for 2-3 months as described below.

5) Take a broad spectrum friendly bacteria such as Bifido Biotics from Allergy Research Group or Pro Biotics 12 Plus from Essential Formulas every bedtime with a prebiotic fiber such as FOS from Allergy Research Group or Psyllium or Slippery Elm.

6)The Ketogenic diet is started after the person has built up to a full therapeutic dose of the herbs.

7) Patient should THEN take mycotoxin binders like ARG MicroChitosan & PE CholestePure.


Best to take the products for 2-3 months


Dosing - products can be taken together 2 times per day 30+ minutes before meals                         mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml (4 ounces) of water


For 7 days,

CUMANDA                  build up to 40-60 drops depending on body weight         

SAMENTO                   build up as quickly as possible to 30 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA  20 drops

STEVIA                       30 drops         

SERRAPEPTASE          2 capsules     

            MAGNESIUM MALATE   2-6 capsules (*increasing until moving bowels at least 2 times a day)

(*In the case of kidney disease/failure, consult with a physician before using Magnesium)


For 7 days,

BANDEROL                   40-60 drops depending on body weight (no build-up needed)                 

SAMENTO                     30 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA     20 drops

STEVIA                         30 drops         

SERRAPEPTASE            2 capsules

            MAGNESIUM MALATE   2-6 capsules (*increasing until moving bowels at least 2 times a day)


For 7 days,

TANGARANA                40-60 drops depending on body weight (no build-up needed)        

SAMENTO                     30 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA     20 drops 

STEVIA                         30 drops        

SERRAPEPTASE            2 capsules

            MAGNESIUM MALATE    2-6 capsules (*increasing until moving bowels at least 2 times a day)


Repeat the three 7-day cycles, beginning each cycle with CUMANDA at full dose for 63+ days.




Saline Irrigation of Nose & Sinuses                                    Copyright by W.L.Cowden 2017


Items needed:

12 ounces (360cc) of purified water or spring water

1/3 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt

1 teaspoon of LillyOfTheDesert Preservative-free, Whole-Leaf AloeVera Juice (can build to 4 tsp)

¼ drop of 2% Lugol’s Solution off internet (should build ¼ drop each time to 4drops)

A 3-oz.bulb-type nasal irrigation syringe (with tip cut off to fit client’s nose) or Sinugator





Bring water with the salt in it to boiling and boil 5 minutes. Let the water cool to the temperature of the skin in the axilla (armpit) so that it does not burn when used.

Boiling evaporates one ounce (30cc) but half of the sterile saline will be used in each nostril.


Whether you use the bulb syringe or Sinugator (a battery-operated device similar to a Water-Pic which can be purchased at Walgreen’s Pharmacy or online), the client’s forehead needs to be lower than their chin with their face over the sink. While holding one nostril closed, have the client take a deep breath, hold their breath, then, with the bulb syringe or Sinugator pressed snugly into the other nostril, force saline water into that nostril until water flows into the back of the throat. Take the bulb syringe or Sinugator out of the nostril and take the finger off the other occluded nostril and let the saline water run into the sink. Keep going back and forth from one nostril to the other until all the saline is used.


This can be messy and alternatively, may be done in a shower or bathtub.

You need to do this procedure every day for 60 days unless instructed otherwise.

After irrigating with only saline for 1-3 days, you can add preservative-free, whole-leaf aloe vera juice– 1 teaspoon (5cc) to the 12 ounces (360cc) of saline water after it is cooled to body temperature from boiling. The aloe vera will usually cause a little stinging/burning in the nose or sinuses.  Every irrigation, another ½ teaspoon (2.5cc) of aloe can be added to the warm saline water until using 4 teaspoons (20 cc) of aloe vera in the saline each time to irrigate the nose and sinuses.


Once built up to 4 teaspoons (20cc) of Aloe per cup of irrigant, if there is no allergy to iodine, add ¼ drop of 2% Lugol’s iodine to the sterile saline (once cooled to body temperature after boiling).  In order to make ¼ drop of iodine solution, put 3 drops of the sterile saline in a spoon, add one drop of 2% Lugol’s iodine to the spoon, mix and take one drop of the mixture to add to the saline.  The next day add 2 of the ¼ strength Lugol’s drops to the saline irrigant.  On the 3rd day, add 3 of the ¼ strength Lugol’s drops to the saline.  On the 4th day of iodine build-up, add one undiluted drop of Lugol’s to the saline & on the 5th day add ¼ drop of iodine plus one drop of undiluted iodine to the saline, etc. Every day add an additional ¼ drop until using 16 of the ¼ strength iodine drops added per saline irrigant (which is 4 undiluted drops of Lugol’s 2% iodine per 11-12 ounces or 330-360cc).



Anti-Fungal, Ketogenic Diet                                               Copyright by W.L.Cowden 2017


Foods NOT allowed for 8 weeks while taking effective antifungal herbs:  NO artificial sweeteners or sugar of any type (NO honey, maple syrup, agave, molasses, fructose, corn-syrup, erythritol, xylitol, ribose, mannose, sucralose, aspartame, saccharin). This includes no sugar additives in processed foods or recipes and no sugars in nutritional supplements (so every label must be read & the restaurant cooks must be questioned). NO fruit juices, fruit products or fruits other than lemons, limes, tomatoes & avocadoes.  NO grain products (NO breading on fried foods and NO breads, cereals, pastries, pasta, pizza-crust, wheat, couscous, triticale, spelt, kamut, oats, barley, rye, rice, millet, amaranth, quinoa, or teff).  NO peas, lentils, soy-bean products, dried beans, hummus, etc.  NO potatoes, beets, carrots or other root vegetables other than garlic and onions.  NO starchy vegetables (NO butternut squash, pumpkin, acorn squash, etc.).  NO milk products (from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, camel, etc.).  NO alcoholic beverages (NO beer, wine, hard liquor, mixed drinks, etc.).  NO vinegar products (NO commercial mustard, commercial ketchup, barbeque sauce, pickles, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, kimchi nor most salad dressings).  NO meats with non-meat fillers (avoid most hot-dogs, most bologna, most meat-loafs, most hamburgers from fast-food restaurants, etc.).  NO pistachios, peanuts or peanut oil.  NO canola oil, cottonseed oil or hydrogenated oils. No coconut water but unsweetened coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut flour & coconut oil are OK.  Also preferable to NOT eat pork products or most fish (see permitted fish below).


Permitted foods during those 8 weeks of antifungal treatment:  All types of eggs, chicken, turkey and other types of fowl (dove, pheasant, quail, pigeon, partridge, Cornish game hens, etc).  Small servings of pure-beef products, bison & game-animal meats (deer, elk, caribou, etc.) as long as bromelain or papaya-leaf enzyme is taken during & immediately after each meat ingestion.  Small bony fish with scales are OK in moderation, especially anchovies & sardines or wild-caught salmon (but many fish from the North Pacific Ocean are contaminated with radioactivity from Fukushima, Japan; also shell fish and large bony fish, like tuna, swordfish & shark, are heavy-metal contaminated). All seeds, nuts, seed-butters and nut-butters (other than peanuts & pistachios) as long as no sugars or sweeteners are added to the “butters” or the nuts.  All cruciferous vegetables (as long as they are steamed for at least 5 minutes before eating them (cabbage, cauliflower, cress, collard, broccoli, broccolini, brussel-sprouts, kale, bok-choy, etc.).  All lettuces, salad greens plus green beans, okra, asparagus, zucchini, yellow crooked-neck squash, yellow straight-neck squash, patty-pan squash, artichoke, fennel, eggplant, peppers & similar non-starchy vegetables, as well as olives, avocados, tomatoes, lemons, limes (and lemonade or limeade made from fresh-squeezed lemons or limes plus Nutramedix Stevia).  For something crunchy, “flackers” (tomato & basil flavor) from should be tolerated by most people.  The Rosemary-flavored flackers contain Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (from non-GMO soy) which would likely be tolerated by those who are not allergic to soy.  The tiny amount of vinegar in these should NOT be a problem.

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