Causes: Type 1 is primarily caused by a viral infection in the pancreas. Toxins in the pancreas create an environment for the viral growth, viruses create inflammation which attracts more toxins. Congenital Borreliosis (Lyme disease) can also destroy the function of the pancreas. Type 2 (insensitivity of the insulin receptors to insulin, excessive production of glucagon, excessive insulin) is primarily caused by poisons in the environment. The most common man-made toxins that can cause this problem are phthalates and phosphates. Other causes: severe chromium deficiency, vanadium deficiency, allergy reactions, especially to foods that cause a gluconeogenic hyperglycemia that cannot be compensated for in the presence of insulin resistance. Also, some heavy metals.

Dosing - products can be taken together – mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml of water

2 times per day 30+ minutes before meals  

SAMENTO  20 drops (start with one drop twice daily slowly increasing the dose until reaching 20 drops twice daily)

NutraMedix STEVIA 30 drops.

Three times daily 15 min. before mealtimes take:

BURBUR or PARSLEY   10 drops


Twice daily immediately after mealtimes take:

TAKUNA   30  drops  (if recent onset Type 1)

MAGNESIUM MALATE (only if kidney failure is not present) starting with 2 capsules twice daily increasing the dose until moving bowels at least 2 times a day.

At bedtime take 8 drops of EZOV (start with one drop adding one drop per dose every 5 days, after reaching 8 drops per dose take for 2 months)--- Every 3rd night add 10 drops of ALGAS METAL DETOX

Also recommended: Drink 3-4 liters (quarts) of water daily (clean mineralized, not distilled or reverse osmosis), Avoid common food allergens- all cow milk and cow cheese products, all corn products (corn oil, corn starch & corn syrup), peanuts and peanut oil (most oriental foods), soy products (it is a common filler in fast food restaurants), black pepper, white pepper, sugar (may substitute Nutramedix STEVIA). Chromium polynicotinate- 200mcg twice daily, Avoid known food allergens, Avoid foods that are not beneficial for your blood type, and eat low-glycemic foods.

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