Causes: Many of the following: bacteria, fungus or virus causing inflammation on the arterial walls; free radical overload usually caused by smoking and a deficiency of antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C bioflavonoids, and carotenoids; consuming oxycholesterol-containing products like scrambled eggs, powdered milk, powdered eggs, homogenized / pasteurized milk and foods made from them; high LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio (comes from inactivity, liver toxicity and consumption of trans fats or hydrogenated oils); hyper-insulinemic syndrome (syndrome X)- worsened by eating too much sugar; chromium deficiency caused by stress and consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages; iron overload; hypertension; diabetes mellitus. Possible genetic causes; homocystinemia, apolipoprotein E4 and elevated lipoprotein(a) levels.


2 times per day
30+ minutes before meals
mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml.
15 drops (for 8-12 weeks)
30 drops (start with one drop twice daily slowly increasing the dose until reaching 30 drops twice daily). May be cycled bi-weekly with CUMANDA
40 drops every other night at bedtime
20 drops
15 drops
2-6 capsules (only if kidney failure is not present) starting with 2 capsules twice daily increasing the dose until moving bowels at least 2 times a day
2-6 capsules starting with 2 capsules twice daily increasing the dose until moving bowels at least 2 times a day
10 drops
30 drops


Drink 3-4 liters (quarts) of water daily (clean mineralized, not distilled or reverse osmosis), Avoid common food allergens - all cow milk and cow cheese products, all corn products (corn oil, corn starch & corn syrup), peanuts and peanut oil (most oriental foods), soy products (it is a common filler in fast food restaurants), black pepper, white pepper, sugar (may substitute with NutraMedix STEVIA).
Also avoid hydrogenated oils, very-long-chain fatty acids (found in canola oil, peanuts and mustard), fried foods, scrambled and fried eggs, foods made from powdered milk and powdered eggs.
Stress reduction - deep breathing, prayer, meditation, etc. Walk 15 to 30 min several times per week on a treadmill or if walking outside, walk with a healthy partner carrying a mobile phone so that help may be called if needed. Proteolytic enzymes (5 Bromelain or 4 Carnivora or 3 Serazyme or 3 Lumbrokinase) with water and with each dose of CUMANDA or BANDEROL - if there is a tendency to develop allergies rotate between at least 2 of these enzymes;
Chromium polynicotinate - 200-400 mcg twice daily with breakfast time and supper time; Tocotrienols with Vitamin E- 1 twice daily at breakfast time and supper time:
EPA / DHA Fish Oil - at least 360 mg of EPA with DHA twice daily just before breakfast and dinner.
Wild Blueberry - 1 capsule twice daily at lunch time and bedtime,
L-Lysine- 2000 mg twice daily at lunch and bedtime; L-Proline- 2000 mg twice daily at lunch time and bedtime;
Coenzyme Q10 (rice emulsified- without soy)- at least 100 mg at supper time;
Acetyl-L-Carnitine - 500 mg at breakfast time;
B vitamin complex 1 capsule at lunch time.
If there is calcified plaque in the arteries take LipoPhos EDTA (Allergy Research Group)- 1 ounce 30 min. before bedtime every other day mixed with a tart juice like fresh squeezed lemonade or limeade made with NutraMedix STEVIA.