Osteo-arthritis: unrecognized fungal, viral or parasitic infection in the joints, environmental toxins accumulating in the joints, tissue acidity, mineral deficiencies, osteitis of the jaw, pulpitis of the teeth. The condition is made worse by chronic abuse of the joints like jogging on concrete.                        

Rheumatoid arthritis- immune reaction against the cells that line the joints caused by toxins or viruses in the synovial cells.

Dosing - products can be taken together 2 times per day 30+ minutes before meals              mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml.


SAMENTO       30 drops  twice daily 30 min. before mealtimes (start with one drop twice daily slowly   increasing the dose until reaching 20 drops twice daily)                                                                               

BURBUR or PARSLEY 10 drops twice daily 

BARBERRY      30 drops twice daily

Dosing - products can be taken together 2 times per day immediately after meals              mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml.

TAKUNA – 30 drops

BURBUR or PARSLEY 10 drops

ADRENAL SUPPORT 15 drops                                                                                               

MAGNESIUM MALATE 2-6 capsules(only if kidney failure is not present) starting with 2 capsules twice daily increasing the dose until moving bowels at least 2 times a day. If severe symptoms persist after 1-2 weeks replace BARBERRY with CUMANDA or BANDEROL (start with one drop twice daily slowly increasing the dose until reaching 30 drops twice daily)

Every 3rd night at bedtime take 10 drops of SEALANTRO

FOR PAIN -Take 20-30 drops of CONDURA as needed placed under the tongue and held for at least 2 minutes and at the same time apply topically on the site of pain using the number of drops necessary to cover affected area.


Also recommended: Drink 3-4 liters (quarts) of water daily (clean mineralized, not distilled or reverse osmosis), Avoid common food allergens- all cow milk and cow cheese products, all corn products (corn oil, corn starch & corn syrup), peanuts and peanut oil (most oriental foods), soy products (it is a common filler in fast food restaurants), black pepper, white pepper, sugar (may substitute Nutramedix STEVIA). Avoid foods in the nightshade family (the alkaloids in them cause inflammation to worsen)- potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco and coffee are the worst.

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