Causes: Usually a fungal infection with a superimposed bacterial infection and very often lower skull jamming and allergies to foods or inhalants that cause swelling to the sinus openings.


Dosing - products can be taken together 3 times per day 30+ minutes before meals mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml of water


BARBERRY                       30 drops

STEVIA                             30 drops         

BURBUR - PINELLA             20 drops         

ADRENAL SUPPORT       15 drops        


Vitamin A (Emulsified)- 100,000 - 200,000 IU as a single dose (one time) taken no later than late afternoon. If severe symptoms persist after 1-2 weeks replace BARBERRY with CUMANDA or BANDEROL (start with one drop three times daily slowly increasing the dose until reaching 30 drops three times daily). Take a broad spectrum friendly bacteria such as Bifido Biotics from Allergy Research Group or Pro Biotics 12 Plus from Essential Formulas every bedtime with a prebiotic fiber such as FOS from Allergy Research Group or Psyllium or Slippery Elm. Also recommended: Drink 3-4 liters (quarts) of water daily (clean mineralized, not distilled or reverse osmosis), Avoid common food allergens- all cow milk and cow cheese products, all corn products (corn oil, corn starch & corn syrup), peanuts and peanut oil (most oriental foods), soy products (it is a common filler in fast food restaurants), black pepper, white pepper, sugar (may substitute Nutramedix STEVIA), don’t let animals in the bedroom, consider a plastic cover over the mattress or pillow so that house dust mite allergy will not continue to contribute to the problem, if inhalant allergy is enough of problem consider replacing carpet with wood floor.

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