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Antifungal Activities of Cuminum cyminum and Pimpinella anisum Essential Oils

Investigations were conducted to evaluate the antifungal activity of anise and cumin essential oils on mycelia growth of 90 isolates of fungi. The agar-well diffusion method was used to evaluate fungal growth inhibition at a concentration of 100%. Cumin oil was highly effective against all the isolates of tested fungi. It was completely inhibited mycelial growth of all fungi when added to solid medium. Anise oil had no inhibition, partial inhibition and completely inhibition against fungal isolates. Fifty-five isolates (61.1% of total isolates) were shown no inhibition, twenty-six isolates (28.9% of total isolates) were inhibited with different degrees and nine isolates (10% of total isolates) were completely inhibited by anise oil.