Causes: One or more of the following: vascular spasms, liver toxicity, malalignment of the skull (skull jamming) or upper cervical spine, chronic sinusitis-usually the pain is around the forehead or the eyes (see Chronic sinusitis protocol for treatment), chronic viral encephalitis

Dosing - products can be taken together 3 times per day 30+ minutes before meals mix the drops in a glass of at least 120 ml of water


Mix 10 drops of PINELLA and 10 drop of PARSLEY DETOX together in at least a ½ cup (4 oz./120ml), let sit for one minute then drink. Then open one capsule of MAGNESIUM MALATE and place the powder under the tongue along with 1 dropperful of CONDURA and hold for two minutes before swallowing. While this is under the tongue, apply CONDURA directly on the head in the location closest to the area of pain (forehead, temples, back of neck, etc) using the number of drops necessary to cover affected area. This entire cycle can be repeated every 10-15 minutes until the pain subsides.

Also recommended: Drink 3-4 liters (quarts) of water daily (clean mineralized, not distilled or reverse osmosis), Avoid common food allergens- all cow milk and cow cheese products, all corn products (corn oil, corn starch & corn syrup), peanuts and peanut oil (most oriental foods), soy products (it is a common filler in fast food restaurants), black pepper, white pepper, sugar (may substitute Nutramedix STEVIA), use

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