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Antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-aging activities of intracellular zinc polysaccharides from Grifola frondosa SH-05

In present work, the strain of Grifola frondosa SH-05 was used as a vector of zinc biotransformation to produce the IZPS. The bioactivities including antioxidant and antibacterial activities in vitro and antiaging properties in vivo of IZPS were investigated comparing with the IPS. The results which were inconsistent with the results of histopathology assay demonstrated that the IZPS had superior antioxidant and anti-aging activities by scavenging the hydroxyl and DPPH radicals, increasing enzyme activities, decreasing the MDA contents and ameliorating the anile condition of mice. Besides, the IZPS also showed potential antibacterial activities. The IZPS with higher bioactivities was composed of were Rha, Ino andGlu with a molar ratio of 4.7:3.6:1. These conclusions indicated that the IZPS might be a potential source of natural antioxidant, antibacterial agent and anti-aging agent.