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Hypoglycemic effects of Lagenaria siceraria, Cynodon dactylon and Stevia rebaudiana extracts

Introduction: The aim of the current analysis was to judge the hypoglycemic action of thephyto-extracts of Lagenaria siceraria, Cynodon dactylon and Stevia rebaudiana using suitable in vitro approaches.

Methods: The hypoglycemic activity of the phyto-material extracts was evaluated by employingvarious in-vitro methods namely glucose diffusion, amylolysis kinetics and glucose adsorptioncapacity.

Results: The extracts of L. siceraria, C. dactylon and S. rebaudiana exhibited glucose dialysisretardation indices (GDRI) of 48.14%, 37.03% and 29.62%, respectively at 60 minutes whichwere reduced to 15.78%, 10.52% and 18.42%, respectively at 120 minutes. All the plant extractsused in the study adsorbed glucose and their adsorptions markedly enhanced with increase insugar concentration.

Conclusion: From the outcome of the assay it can be concluded that the extracts of L. siceraria,C. dactylon and S. rebaudiana have hypoglycemic activity as observed in various in-vitro assays.However, the beneficial actions require to be verified by adopting various in vivo techniquesalong with clinical trials for their efficient use as potential remedial moiety