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Professor Henk Oswald, M.D., Ph.D Live Blood Analysis Report treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis and Colon Cancer with Samento

The pictures on the following pages indicate the power and benefits of Samento. The "Before Treatment" photographs are of damaged blood cells due to free radical attack. The "After Treatment" photographs show cells after treatment with only Samento.

Note how the attack of free radicals has damaged the cells. The formerly healthy cells have lost their integrity. This is indicated by their clumping together and fuzzy appearance. The free radicals have opened they way to fungal development and other micro-organic invaders. Because of free radical damage, the cell has an inability to process nutrients.

In the photographs of cells receiving treatment, you will note they have regained their independence. The damaged areas are minimized. This is indicated by the lack of yellowish white discoloration, increased clarity, and greater cell integrity.

As you can see, Samento has succeeded in restoring health to the individual blood cells, and in an amazingly short time period.