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Samento in the Primary Care Setting

Recent advances in the chemical analysis of Cat's Claw have shed new light on its use as a natural therapeutic agent. Specifically, it has been found that the clinical efficacy increases as the pentacyclic oxindole alkaloid (POA) fraction increases and as the tetracyclic oxindole alkaloid (TOA) content decreases respectively.

Samento ( Uncaria tomentosa) is a rare form of Cat's Claw that has been found to be 100 per cent TOA free. It is a wild-crafted product of a unique Peruvian rain forest microclimate that so far has been found to be most effective in its most minimally processed form.

At a Samento Conference, held May 10, 2002 in Florida, Brian Lamb, a medical herbalist from Scotland, reported that 100 percent of the terminally ill patients he is treating with Samento are showing remarkable clinical improvement; an historical review of the scientific literature on Uncaria tomentosa was presented by Jerry Schlesser ND, DC, CNS; and Professor Henk Oswald MD, PhD, expounded on his experience of the use of Samento in the treatment of cancer.

Michael Coyle demonstrated Samento's use as an antimicrobial agent.

This paper explores the use of Samento in the primary care setting.