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Anti-proliferative and antioxidative activities of thai noni/ yor (marinda citrifolia linn.) leaf extract

Thai people have been using Thai noni or Yor Ban (M. citrifolia Linn.) for up to 10,000 years or more (Spriggs and Ander-son, 1993; Anderson et al, 2006). Thai noni/Yor grows naturally and can be found ev-erywhere in Thailand. Thai people use the leaves for daily cooking in a recipe called “Hor Mhok Bai Yor” and “Bai Yor Rice”. The fruits are used to prepare “Tum Yor”, which is similar to “Som Tum” or papaya salad. It has been used in Thai traditional medi-cines for over thousand years, either alone or in combination with other products (Phadungcharoen, 1981; Bunyapraphatsara and Chokechaicharoenporn, 2000).