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Extraction and Characterization of Antioxidant Compositions From Fermented Fruit Juice of Marinda citrifolia (Noni)

Extraction and characterization of antioxidative compositions from the extracts of fermented Xisha Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) juice were studied. The antioxidative constituents of 184.6 g freeze-dried extracts of naturally fermented Xisha Noni juice were isolated successfully by petroleum ether, EtOAc and n-BuOH solvents, and the antioxidative effects were measured according to scavenging activity against hydroxyl generated in Fenton reaction system and superoxide anion radicals in pyrogallol autoxidation system. The EtOAc extract exhibited most significantly higher (P<0.01) antioxidative activity than mannitol or vitamin C, while the petroleum ether and n-BuOH extracts showed lower activities compared to mannitol. Three antioxidant phenolic compounds, isoscopoletin, aesculetin and 3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxyflavone (quercetin) were isolated from the EtOAc extract by several chromatography techniques for the first time. The results suggest that several compounds, in particular, the phenolic compounds, contribute separately or synergistically to the antioxidative activity of fermented Noni fruit juice.