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Antifungal activity of Morinda citrifolia fruit extract against Candida albicans

Objective. The objective of the study was to investigate the antifungal activity of Morinda citrifolia fruit extract on Candida albicans.

Materials and methods. Juice extract from M. citrifolia fruit was lyophilized and used in antifungal testing. Antifungal activity of M. citrifolia fruit extract against C. albicans was tested in vitro at various concentrations and for different contact times. The inhibitory effect of M. citrifolia extract on C. albicans was determined by cultures and an applied broth dilution test.

Results. Using cultures, growth of C. albicans was not detected with 50 mg/mL of extract at 30-minute contact time or with 60 mg/mL of extract at 15-minute contact time. By the broth dilution test, the minimum fungicidal concentration of extract against C. albicans was 40 mg/mL at 90-minute contact time or with 50 mg/mL at 15-minute contact time.

Conclusion. M. citrifolia fruit extract had an antifungal effect on C. albicans and the inhibitory effect varied with concentration and contact time.