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Eurycoma Iongifolia Increases Sexual Motivation in Sexually Naive Male Rats


The aim of this study is to provide evidence on the aphrodisiac property of Eurycoma Iongifolia Jack. An electric grid was used as an obstruction in the electrical copulation cage in order to determine how much an aversive stimulus the sexually naive male rat for both the treated with E. Iongifolia Jack and control groups were willing to overcome to reach the estrous receptive female in the goal cage. The intensity of the grid current was maintained at 0.12 mA and this was the intensity in which the male rats in the control group failed to crossover to reach the goal cage. Results showed that E. Iongifolia Jack continued to enhance and also maintain a high level of both the total number of successful crossovers, mountings, intromissions and ejaculations during the 9-12 th week observation period. In conclusion, these results further enhanced and strenghtened the aphrodisiac property of E. Iongifolia Jack.