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Experimental studies of the woud-healing action of inula helenium and inula britannica thick extracts on the conventional injury model (phantom) in rats

Currently, in order to prevent and treat diseases of various etiology, including eco-logically causative agents, medi-cines based on such biologically active substances as polyphenols  and polysaccharides have become common at the pharmaceutical market. Numerous studies have shown that medicines based on  polysaccharides possess the im- mune-enhancing, antibacterial, an- tioxidant, hypolipidemic, wound- healing effects. Thick extracts of the plants studied contain a complex of bio- logically active substances main-ly polysaccharide with the con-tent ranging from 3.46 to 16.7%. In this case the study of the wound-healing activity of the bio- logically active substances com-plex of Inula Helenium and Inula Britannica is of current interest.