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Stress-Inducing Effect of Hypoxia of Different Origin and Its Correction with Inula Helenium L. Tincture

Acute hypoxic exposure results in the development of a typical complex of changes corresponding to the anxiety stage of the general adaptation syndrome. It develops in various pathologies. In all cases oxygen delivery to tissues decreases to a level insufficient for maintaining cell metabolism and function. Multicomponent hypoxic injuries and phasic pattern of disturbances in the energy system prompt creation of combined drugs with a wide spectrum of antihypoxic effects, which would arrest the development of metabolic disorders in hypoxia at different levels.

We previously demonstrated a stress-protective effect of Inula helenium L. preparations on different models of extreme exposures. Here we studied their effects on the weight, cell composition, and karyometric characteristics of organs playing an important role in the realization of stress mechanisms (adrenal glands, thymus, spleen) in hypoxia of different origin, and the formation of the defense and adaptive reactions to hypoxic exposure.