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The Uses of Chlorella Vulgaris as Antimicrobial Agent and as a Diet: the Presence of Bio-active Compounds which caters the Vitamins, Minerals in General

The extracted and dried green micro algae by using solvents Acetone, Ethanol and Chloroform assy is tested to know its  efficiency against four bacterial strains under the cultured condions by adopting the standard agar disc diffusion technique. These agar plates are incubated at 37°C for 24 hour duration with four test bacterial strains in 10ml each of  Acetone, Ethanol and Chloroform with extracted green micro algae. These extracts exhibits optimal effects on inhibitory efficiency. The observed highest inhibition zone zone is 13mm in Chlorella Vulgaris extracted with Ethanol against klebsilla sp.,.  The peroformed preliminary phytochemical analysis of this   dried algal sample as per the  Harborne methode reveals that this assay withhold some of the valuble  bioactive compounds. It is flavanoids, tannin, phenolic compounds, terpenes, cardiac glycosides, saponins and carbohydrates. The substanical evidence of the presence of these seven bioactive compounds revealed that Chlorella vulgar is having major role as a useful precarusor  to obtain various bioactive compounds. This algael specices exhibits its maximum inhibition property with Klebsilla sp. This enables to discover some of new derivatives with more investigation about its feasilbility of finding new drugs by the application of procdures adopted in drug discovery and designing. The drugs derived from these algae species will find some specific application to curtile the growth of  the bacterias which results the control of Vector  infections without any side effects in a more specific manner.