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Antischistosomal and liver protective effects of Curcuma longa extract in Schistosoma mansoni infected mice

With a view to clarify the induction of the “Crabtree consequence” in liver cells of S. mansoni infected mice, the curative effect of oil extract of C. longa was tested and compared to praziquantel (PZQ) the effective drug against all schistosome species occurring in man. Protein, glucose, glucose-6-phopsphatase, AMP-deaminase, adensoine deaminase, urea concentration, pyruvate kinase (PK), phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) and PK/PEPCK ratio were estimated. In addition, worm burden and ova count in mice infected with S.mansoni were elucidated. The result showed that C. longa normalized the concentration of protein, glucose, AMP-deaminase and adenosine deaminase, which were changed by infection. Moreover, it lowered pyruvate kinase level, while PZQ-treatment induced more elevation of this enzyme. PZQ was more effective in lowering worm burden while C. longa extract was more potent in reducing egg count.