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The anti-oxidant activity of turmeric (Curcuma longa)

The turmeric anti-oxidant protein (TAP) had been isolated from the aqueous extract of turmeric. The anti-oxidant principle was found to be a heat stable protein. Trypsin treatment abolished the anti-oxidant activity. The anti-oxidant principle had an absorbance maximum at 280 nm. After gel filtration, the protein showed a 2-fold increase in anti-oxidant activity and showed 2 bands in the SDS-PAGE with approximate molecular weight range of 24 000 Da. The protein showed a concentration-dependent inhibitory effect on the promoter induced lipid peroxidation. A 50% inhibitory activity of lipid peroxidation was observed at a protein concentration of 50 #g/ml. Ca2+-ATPase of rat brain homogenate was protected to nearly 50% of the initial activity from the lipid peroxidant induced inactivation by this protein. This protection of Ca2+-ATPase activity was found to be associated with the prevention of loss of -SH groups.