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In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Phytotherapic Uncaria Tomentosa against Endodontic Pathogens

Endodontic therapy aims to remove diseased tissue, eliminate bacteria present in the canals and dentinal tubules, and prevent recontamination after treatment. These objectives are achieved by biomechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal system, by sealing root canals with a 3-dimensional obturation, and by placing a coronal seal (1). Unfortunately, because of the anatomical complexity of the root canal system, organic and inorganic residues and bacteria cannot be completely removed and often persist (2-4). For this reason, a wide variety of irrigants and intracanal medicaments has been developed to minimize residual debris, necrotic tissue, and bacteria, and to remove the smear layer formed by the mechanical preparation of the dentin (4-6).