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Mitraphylline inhibits lipopolysaccharide-mediated activation of primary human neutrophils

Background: Mitraphylline (MTP) is the major pentacyclic oxindolic alkaloid presented in Uncaria tomen­tosa. It has traditionally been used to treat disorders including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases. However, the specific role of MTP is still not clear, with more comprehensive stud­ies, our understanding of this ancient herbal medicine will continue growing. 

Hypothesis/Purpose: Some studies provided its ability to inhibit proinflamatory cytokines, such as TNF-a, through NF-KB-dependent mechanism. TNF-a primes neutrophils and modulates phagocytic and oxida­tive burst activities in inflammatory processes. Since, neutrophils represent the most abundant pool of leukocytes in human blood and play a crucial role in inflammation, we aimed to determine the ability of MTP to modulate neutrophil activation and differentially regulate inflammatory-related cytokines. Methods: To determine the mechanism of action of MTP. we investigated the effects on LPS-activated human primary neutrophils responses including activation surface markers by FACS and the expression of inflammatory cytokines, measured by real time PCR and ELISA.

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