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Establishment of the potential sedative effect of the product known as Amantilla Relax

OBJECTIVES: To study the possible effectiveness of Amantilla Relax in producing effects on the central nervous system in laboratory rats, following techniques described in the literature.

BACKROUND: Tests described in the literature and those that we have carried out have as a goal the determination of a medication’s effect on the central nervous system. These effects are not limited to sedation, hypnotic, and tranquilizing, but also anti-depressive, which in high doses is known to prolong sleep induced by hexobarbitural or other barbiturates. The loss of the righthening reflex is measured as the criteria of the duration of the sleep that is induced by the barbiturates. In this test mice are used since metabolic elimination is rapid in this species. The present study has as background the possible sedative effect of Amantilla Relax.