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Apoptotic and free radical scavenging properties of the methanolic extract of Gentianella alborosea

Gentianella alborosea (“Hercampure”) is a Peruvian species used in folk medicine for the treatment of a variety of health disorders. We tested the free radical scavenging (DPPH) and induction of apoptosis on a human uterus tumor cell line (HeLa) by its methanolic extract. The results showed a noticeable radical scavenging activity and a dose-dependent apoptotic effect.

Gentianella alborosea (Gilg) Fabris (Gentianaceae), whole plant collected in Cuzco (Peru) in 2001 was identified by Dr. Galán de Mera. A voucher specimen has been deposited in the Herbarium of School of Pharmacy, San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain.