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Apparent Hyperpigmented Skin Blemish That Has Been Incidentally Treated with Oral Krill Oil: A Case Report

Background: Krill oil is considered to be remarkable with its balanced content and its high bioavailability. There are various studies on different uses and benefits of krill. Astaxantin, one of the content of krill, was researched for cosmetic benefits like skin wrinkles and age spots. There are no sufficient number of studies on oral krill oil use for hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Case presentation: In this case report we present a patient who had an apparent hyperpigmented blemish on his face and his skin appearance returned to normal after oral krill oil usage. We aimed to draw attention to the probable cosmetic benefits of krill oil on skin hyperpigmentation disorders.

Conclusion: Skin blemish on the face is a cosmetic problem that negatively affects human psychology. The presented case preoccupies that oral krill oil can be used as an effective and non-invasive alternative treatment way for hyperpigmented areas of the skin and performing further studies on this subject may be beneficial.