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Essential Trace Elements and Their Vital Roles in Human Body

Trace elements are naturally occurring inorganic substance required in humans in amounts <100 mg/day. They are essential components of biological structures and have an important effect on and play a key role in a variety of the processes necessary for life throughout mediate vital biochemical reactions. Excessive levels, a level higher than needed for biological functions, of these elements can be toxic for the body health. Therefore, it has been found that the imbalances in the optimum levels of trace elements may adversely affect biological processes and are associated with many fatal diseases, such as cancers. Recently, efforts have been focused to attempt to advance understand of the relationship between heavy metal, trace elements, and their role in cancers. Many studies indicated the remarkable of specific elements that may be of value and may have prognostic significance in the early diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy evaluation of some diseases, especially various types of cancer