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Anti-acne, anti-dandruff and anti-breast cancer efficacy of green synthesised silver nanoparticles using Coriandrum sativum leaf extract

Coriandrum sativum commonly known as coriander is a medicinally important herb of the Apiaceae family. The plant parts of C. sativum are highly rich in aromatic flavor and are commonly used for soups in Asian countries. Traditionally, this plant has been used to cure alleviate spasms, gastric complaints, bronchitis, gout and giddiness. The available literatures on this herb confirms their biomedical properties such as antidiabetic, antioxidant, hypocholesterolemic, antihelmintic, antibacterial, appetizer, hepatoprotective, anticancer and anxiolytic activities. Phytochemicals present in the plant materials are involved in the prevention of different chronic and degenerative diseases.