Cowden Support Program / FAQ

Q: If I took the Cowden Support Program for 9 months for Lyme, got a whole lot better, then stopped & over a couple of months, had a partial relapse, what should I do?

A:  It is best to be symptom-free for 2 months ON the Cowden Support Program (CSP) before stopping.  If symptoms recur within a month or 2 after stopping, it is wise to get back on the CSP immediately but the build-up of dosage usually can be rapid (starting 5 drops twice daily of Banderol & Samento & adding 5 drops each dose). If someone reaches month 9 of the CSP & is better but not fully well, they usually should keep repeating months 7,8 & 9 until they have been well for at least 2 months, then try to stop.