Item number: 01170
Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Serving size: 15 drops
Servings per container: 40


AMANTILLA - RELAX is an extract produced from the root of Valeriana officinalis, commonly known as valerian.  The valerian herb in Amantilla has been used medicinally for at least 2,000 years. It has been included in many editions of the United States Dispensatory (Merck) since 1849, which reported the herb's effect on the nervous system. It is very effective in treating stress and anxiety. For some, Amantilla can also be used to induce sleep.  GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), sometimes referred to as the body's natural tranquilizer, is one of the amino acids produced in the brain. Valerian extracts like Amantilla stimulate GABA production in quantities sufficient to cause a sedative effect. Therefore, Amantilla may cause sedation by increasing the amount of GABA available in the synaptic clefts in the brain.

In June 2005, a study measuring the sedative effect of Nutramedix Amantilla was conducted on laboratory rodents in Ecuador at the University of Guayaquil. Amantilla was found to statistically have the same sedative effect as the pharmaceutical Diazepam (Valium).  Allende, S, "Establishment of the potential sedative effect of the product known as Amantilla Relax, originating from Nutramedix Laboratories, LLC. Florida, United States," Universidad de Guayaquil Department of Chemical Sciences, Final Report, 08/05/05

Promising candidate for insomnia and anxiety in bipolar disorder.  Baek, JH, "Clinical applications of herbal medicines for anxiety and insomnia; targeting patients with bipolar disorder," Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2014 Aug;48(8):705-715. Epub 2014 Jun 19 DOI: 10.11770004867414539198


"This product is incredible.  I was very stressed out and within 10 minutes after taking just 10 drops, I felt no stress at all.  It works great for my kids too.  It's great to know that I can give them something natural and safe that can calm them down in a few minutes." -I.M.

"I thought that I was sleeping well until I took Amantilla, but now I sleep great!  I took 30 drops at bedtime and I slept great.  I did not wake up once during the night and I woke up feeling very refreshed and didn't need coffee to get going.  Whenever I take it I can sleep about 2 hours less than I normally do."-T.I.

Insomnia: take 30 drops in 4 oz. of water at bedtime.  
Severe Insomnia: take 30 drops every 30 minutes beginning 2 hours before bedtime for 5 nights.  
Mild Anxiety: take 10 drops 2-4 times per day.  
Moderate to Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks: take 10-15 drops every 15 minutes in at least 2 oz. of water until symptoms are resolved. Can also put 2 droppers full (approximately 60 drops) in at least 480 ml (one pint) of water and sip over a 2-hour period, repeating until symptoms are resolved, then take 10 drops 2-4 times per day for maintenance.

Various Reported Medicinal Properties of  AMANTILLA-RELAX: